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The field of Electrical engineering has seen tremendous advancements over the years. Electrical Earthing remained a neglected area for long though it plays a very important part of all electrical distribution systems. The importance of efficient earthing is realized only after suffering serious damages to costly equipment and lives.

Quite often, good earthing results cannot be achieved due to high resistively of the soil at the location of electrical installations. Most of the resistance of an earth electrode is accounted by the soil very close to the earth electrode. Hence the nature of the soil immediately surrounding a ground electrode is very important. If the soil resistivity in the immediate vicinity of an earth electrode is high ( as in case of rocky/sandy and dry soils) the bedding resistance will be high and therefore the overall earth resistance will be high.

It has been a general practice to artificially treat the soil with common salt, charcoal, soft-cake and other similar backfills in order to bring down the earth resistance, These conventional methods are not effective and permanent is soil of moderately high resistively and porosity. Where the soil resistively exceeds 50 ohms the low quality chemicals /conventional backfills will be inadequate to get the desired value of earth resistance permanently. Research has proved that, if a compound of high electrical conductivity fills up the space around the ground electrode, the earth resistance value would decrease appreciably.

Maintenance Free Earthing Systems

we offer design, Project management consultancy capability and providing materials and services ( supply & installation) as per IEEE 80 2000 (clause 14.5 D), BS & IS 3043 - for small & medium enterprises. We have full Experienced DESIGN & CONSULTING professionals for handling large and complex projects. Company Profile can be send if required. We have full design team and installation experts ready to take your call. We also provide International class Exothermic bonding solutions for earth grids. ........ Read more

Lightning & Surge Protection

as per NFC 17-102, IEC 62305, IS 2309, we can provide a choice of materials and services with full guarantee & AMC in hilly & difficult terrain. I have a personal 17 years track record of such projects.Sourced out from well known companies in Europe, we provide best in class design and installation systems....... Read more

Exothermic Bonding Solutions

The exothermic welding process is a simple, self- contained method of forming high quality electrical connections. The compact process requires no external power or heat source, making it completely portable. Connections are made inside a semi-permanent graphite mould using the high temperature reaction of powdered copper oxide and aluminium.

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Fire alarm & Protection System

we provide known Indian brands for fire alarm, hooters system as well as latest Laser guided smoke detection systems from Europe, which qualify under worlds best standards. Fire retardant cable sourced from UK, can withstand 750 degrees for 3 to 4 hours........ Read more